Hi, I'm lub. Welcome to my personal place in the internet.

Amongst other things I like free software projects and hosting my own services, which is probably the reason why you found this website.


These are some of my own projects. Additionally there are also some infrastructure related repositories.

A Python bot to post news about Blizzard games to matrix rooms.

This PowerShell bot replies latency measurements for #ping:maunium.net.

The monitoring system Prometheus requires exporters to implement the Prometheus API for a service you want to monitor or extract metrics from. This project provides such an exporter for TeamSpeak servers. It's implemented in PHP.

If you sometimes need a website just displaying a countdown, this could be your solution. All processing is done client side, so your timestamps are safe.
You can also use it publicly hosted e.g. embedded as matrix widget ;)


Here is a list of some services I host and use myself. If you want accounts on any of them feel free to contact me. Normally the services try to preserve as little data as possible to respect the user's privacy.

"i am ninja"/"instant messaging ninja" is a homeserver for [matrix], a decentralized and federated communication platform.

"your email" is my email service based on Mailu.

Most of my git repositories and contributions are hosted on that Gitea instance or on GitHub.

Searx is a selfhostable meta seach engine. In the search results there is a little indicator about the result origin. Feel free to use it.

GameModeON is a german gaming community and provides multiple gaming related services (e.g. a forum, a TeamSpeak server, various gameservers, multiple matrix rooms, ...). If you need anything gaming related feel free to contact me.

A file synchronization service utilizing Nextcloud. Very handy for sharing of configs across computers. It also makes backups of personal files and document sharing very easy.

Public Monero Nodes
A list of public monero rpc nodes, which can be used with e.g. Monerujo instead of running a full node yourself.

UnifiedPush Gateway
This is a ntfy instance configured to be used as UnifiedPush gateway. To use this gateway install the ntfy app and configure "https://up.lubiland.de" as default server. Afterwards you should be able to receive push notifications in compatible apps such as Element Android or FluffyChat.